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The Homework Page is intended only for students (and their parents) to easily retrieve their homework, and project assignments in the event of not being in school.

Students are still responsible for writing down their homework assignments, and following the specific instructions given in class.






Mrs. P. Cleveland


Ms. E. Novak

Mrs. J. Dale

Mrs. A. McCauley


Mrs. M. Kotanchik

Ms. H. Leen

Mrs. R. Chmielecki


Mrs. K. Myers

Miss L. Marciano

Mrs. C. Herb


Mrs. R. Jung

Mrs. G. Eberhardt

Mrs. J. Brennan

4 Miss C. Bigley Sister Hannah Miller Miss K. Fazzini
5 Mrs. A. Scogna Mrs. K. Mullen Sister Christine Lamb
6 Mrs. P. Lewis Mrs. L. Sharpless Mrs. K. McDonald
7 Ms. M. Amicone Mrs. S. Heavens Mrs. S. Brunner
8 Mrs. K. Delio Ms. D. Mascuilli Mrs. B. Louden
Grades 3-8
Mrs. P. Galvin
Grades K,1 & 2
Mrs. M. Coombe
Honors Math Mrs. M. Welsh
Spanish Mrs. D. Marciano
Gym Mrs. J. Leimkuhler
Music Mrs. J. Cardine & Mrs. T. Ducassoux
Art Mrs. L. Geiling